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Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists is recognized as the destination for area patients who are looking for the best means of turning back the hands of time in order to appear more youthful. We specialize in soft tissue augmentation, which entails replacing the volume in the skin and restoring fullness. Volume replacement is done with a variety of injectable fillers like hyaluronic acid (Juvederm®, Restylene®, Voluma® and Belotero®) or calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse®). The benefits are apparent immediately and appear very natural. We offer several soft tissue augmentations procedures, including:

  • Cheek augmentation;
  • Chin augmentation;
  • Facial augmentation; and
  • Lip augmentation.

Therefore, on the occasion Scottsdale residents are interested in reversing the aging process with soft tissue augmentation, Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists is the only name they need to know.

Scottsdale Chin Augmentation

Nearly 227,000 residents live within Scottsdale, Arizona in the County of Maricopa. Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists also makes its home in Scottsdale at: 8415 North Pima Road, Suite 212. We are renowned as one of the foremost providers of soft tissue augmentation like lip augmentation, facial augmentation, chin and cheek augmentation. Dr. Anne Walter is the Board Certified dermatologist at Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists, and she and her team are totally committed to delivering the most beneficial services to patients throughout Scottsdale. As professionals, we will ensure that your visits to our clinic are comfortable and enjoyable and that you leave with the results you have always dreamed of having. Our patients’ desired results are our focus, and you can always count on Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists to not only meet your expectations, but to actually exceed them.

Scottsdale Cheek Augmentation

At Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists, we strive to achieve optimal skin health for the benefit of our patients. It is well-known that a person’s confidence is effected by many things including physical features. That is the reason so many patients come to see us so that we can help raise their confidence level by improving their appearance. We can do that in a variety of ways, but certainly, cheek and chin augmentation are good ways to start, and so is lip augmentation and facial augmentation. If you are looking to enter the competitive market for a special job you have set your heart on, Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists might just be the place you want to begin in order to launch the “New You!” When people feel better about themselves, it shows in the way they smile and even the way they carry themselves when they walk. You will enhance your chances in the market place if you have that extra boost of confidence. So, if you are interested in knowing more about our exceptional facial augmentation treatments, call Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists, today, at: (480) 434-6600. Our hours are: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5 PM and Saturday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

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