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Scottsdale Skin Cancer

Scottsdale Skin Cancer

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Dr. Anne Walter, a Board Certified Dermatologist at Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists is considered to be a regional expert on the detection and treatment for skin cancer. Depending on an individual’s age and risk factors, it is recommended that skin cancer screenings are conducted on a yearly basis. Dr. Walter utilizes several treatment modalities for skin cancer treatment that include topical chemotherapy creams and solutions; electrodessication and curettage; surgical excisions and Mohs Micrographic skin cancer surgery. This skin cancer procedure was initially developed by Dr. Friedrich Mohs in the 1930s. Today, this method is widely recognized as the “cornerstone of treatment for skin cancer” and it has a 98% cure rate or basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, the two most common types of skin cancer. Consequently, whenever Scottsdale residents are seeking outstanding skin cancer treatment or require state-of-the-art sin cancer surgery, Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists is the only name they need to know.

Scottsdale Skin Cancer Treatment

There are close to 227,000 residents who live in Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale is also the home of Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists and is found at: 8415 North Pima Road, Suite 212. We are celebrated as one of the leading providers of skin cancer treatment procedures for our Scottsdale patients in the region. Not only do we deal with treatment for skin cancer, but we also are renowned for treating precancerous lesions our Scottsdale neighbors may be experiencing, as well. In fact, Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists uses an application of “Levulan,” (a photosensitizing chemical, followed by exposure to a blue light source. By incorporating photodynamic therapy, this process is known to not only target the visible precancerous keratosis, but to also treat any surrounding precancerous cells which are too tiny to be detected. Best of all, Scottsdale patients are well-aware that not only will Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists meet them, but they will consistently surpass them.

Scottsdale Skin Cancer Surgery

When you come to Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists you will be pleased to note that our team excels at offering a vast choice of treatments to deal with all aspects of skin cancer. Whether you are concerned about a precancerous lesion or you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, you want to have a team of professionals like the ones at Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists to support you. You can also anticipate that our professionals not only will outperform the competition, but we will also have the most competitive prices. The total satisfaction of our patients is our ultimate goal, and if that is what you require, no one quite compares to Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists. For exceptional treatment for skin cancer, it’s time you got in touch with Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists at: (480) 434-6600. We are available: Monday through Friday at 8:00 AM – 5 PM and Saturday at 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

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